‎Prophet Muhammad ﷺ married a women older, richer and more successful than him. This is the biggest nightmare for most Muslim men now.
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white ppl are literally racist until proven otherwise, you can’t trust them. and this isn’t “being mean” or “generalizing” it’s a defense mechanism honestly

Never forget what a person says to you when they are angry.
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Shoutout to all y’all whose family forced us to become adults before we were meant to be.

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be more like khadija you say? 

ok b, lemme get married twice, take over my second husband’s business and turn it into a raging success, have all the rich men in my town want me, but at 40 - I’ll marry the hot 25 year old who works for me and who loves me unconditionally and we’ll pop out 6 children like no problemo son this sounds like the dream why would i ever disagree